Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snapshots of Randomness: Or, What You Rediscover When You "Clean Out" Your Phone

I admitted a long time ago -- publicly, even, in a magazine article -- I am a packrat.

I acknowledge it. I own it. I embrace it.

This past Monday, I got to play "Executive Traveler" and took the company jet to our offices in Greensboro, NC. My agenda for the day consisted of five hours' worth of meetings and a tour; then I stepped back into reality, catching a 4:45pm commercial flight from Greensboro to Cincinnati, then Cincinnati to Fort Wayne. During my three hour layover in Cinci, I treated myself to dinner, then settled in with a Starbuck's soy latte to await my boarding call. I began looking back through old photos, and realized I had a whole lotta. Many of these photos were taken with the sole purpose of appearing here on the blog, but -- for whatever reason -- never made it.

Until now.

Here, we have Jack and Charlie and their good friend, Coleson, posing in front of the Barbie exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. The Indy field trip in May included a great tour at the State Capitol, followed by an afternoon at the museum. If you think this photo will make them cringe when they are 16, rest assured... I have more. And video of them dancing --with the girls from their class -- in the Barbie Fashion Show exhibit. Hello, Blackmail.

Next, we have Seamus McPimp, a.k.a. Jack. This is what happens when you agree to buy the boys some St. Patrick's Day garb to wear to school. I never had the heart to tell him I ended up seeing the exact same hat, worn by a 7-year-old pageant hopeful in an episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras." (And, by the way, we were at Wal-Mart. I'm sure not one shopper batted an overly-mascara'd eyelash at a 10-year-old boy dressed like an Irish pimp.)

Here is the company jet I got to ride in. I went totally tourist and had to snap a shot as we walked over to board. I sent the photo home in a text so Jeff could show Jack, Charlie and Sam. He reported they were impressed. :)

Still cleaning. More photos to come.......


Lindy said...

impressive indeed.

And the pimp photo? He was most likely the best dressed cat at Wal-Mart that day.

Jennifer Cameron said...

Cool! I didn't even know you had left town you big corporate jet setter person. You were only about 30 minutes from our old house in Winston Salem (part of the "triad"). I even took a class or 2 at UNC Greensboro. It wasn't quite Chapel Hill though...