Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dude! Where's my patience?

I've been snippy this week.

Whether said snippiness can be attributed to a hectic schedule, lack of sleep, combo of both,... a bit of drama/stressful situation, constant headaches due to allergies, stepping up workouts in anticipation of next Saturday's Indy Mini-Marathon... whatever... I wish the snips would stop coming out of my mouth.

I hate it when I find myself getting irritated by things. Nothing in particular, just everyday things. Like this morning, on the drive to school, Sam piped up with a bit-o-learned trivia about an NFL player. Apparently, Dolphins player Ricky Williams used marijuana a number of years ago, and ended up leaving football because of it. (Note: I cannot vouch for the authenticity and truth behind that statement, as it came from an 8-yr old., and I know squat about NFL players, their alleged drugs of choice and any possible ramifications of said drug usage.)

The conversation that ensued was actually a bicker-fest between Jack and Charlie, whereby they attempted to hammer out the details of the story. Each sentence began, "Dude!..." On it went. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Finally, I interrupted with "DUDE! ARE WE REALLY GOING TO CONTINUE ARGUING ABOUT THIS?!"

Granted, they got the message, and stopped the argument. But I snapped at them when, really, it wasn't called for.

So, today... while it's just Bobby and me... I'm going to get on my list of things that need done around the house -- putting "Curtail snippiness" at the top of the list. I'll even take an allergy pill to see if that helps alleviate the sensation of someone with giant hands crushing my skull.

"Find patience" is next on the list. Followed by laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.

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Lindy said...

The Indy Mini is next weekend already?!?! Good luck!!

I miss my snippiness - perhaps you took it with you when you were over last Friday?