Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sam Snippets

One day last week as we were driving home, the boys and I were talking about baked goods and all their sweet/chocolatey/frostingy goodness. Jack mentioned he thought "a Twinkie per day" was a fabulous idea. I, on the other hand (being the self-admitted SugarNazi I am) responded with, "Blechhh." He couldn't understand why, so I explained that since I've cut a majority of sugar from my regular diet, if I over-indulge on occasion, I will feel sick mighty quick. Sam piped up at this point with, "NOT ME! I FEEL GREAT!" This comment was said with the enthusiasm of a junkie in the middle of getting a fix. I laughed so hard I almost ditched the car.

Another day, upon arriving home from school, I placed a veggie and dip tray out on the table for grazing purposes. Bobby was sitting in his high chair at the table. Sam sauntered up, grabbed a piece of broccoli and proclaimed to his baby brother, "Look, Bobby! Broccoli! Good for the colon!"

Just one of the many things I love about that kid... how his sense of humor comes out of nowhere and slays me. Every. Single. Time.


Lindy said...

I have found in E that the most inappropiate things have me laughing the hardest.

And I totally blame Ryan for teaching her any of it.

Keyona said...

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'll be sure to add yours to my list!