Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Long Night's Journey into the Day

Today, I am tired. Not just kinda tired, but the brand of tired that makes it feel like there's sand in your eyes. And you sort of float through the day on coffee because if you stop drinking it, the show's over.
Bobby turns six months old today, and to mark the occasion, he came down with a cold. His first. Let's just say it hasn't been a pleasant experience for anyone. He was up all night last night because he was too snuffly and uncomfortable to sleep. We've all been there, but when you're a grown up, you mix up your cold medicine cocktail of choice and sleep it off. When you've only been on the planet half a year, your choices are limited. Much more limited. As in, "pediatricians do not like to medicate kids under two years old." I completely agree with this idea; however, when you're walking a wailing baby around the bedroom at 4am you desperately wish some pharmaceutical research team would come up with SOMETHING for an infant to take.

So, today, after a quick visit to the pediatrician for an ear/throat check (Note to self: buy an otoscope and cut down "check the ears" visits to the doctor.) I tried to get a few things done around my desk and the house in general. But what to do with Bobby? Still somewhat uncomfortable and cranky Bobby.

Yes. I went there. I put the baby in his rocking-seat and planted him in front of the television. At least I chose Noggin, because ... "It's like preschool on TV." (Hello, sarcasm.) But you know what? To a baby? That's just lots of neat colors moving all over the place, and some fun songs to listen to.

After a few minutes, I came in to check on him. He was quiet. He was mezmerized by whatever was going on in that big, magical box. Then I really took a look at the program that was on.
What the...?!

Ummm. Hello, visually disturbing images for children.

And who the heck is THIS guy?!

Seriously. He's, like, "Superfly" meets "Revenge of the Nerds."
So, yes, I went there. But trust me... we're NOT going back. The only thing we're going back to is bed. Goodnight!


Lindy said...


I can't remember that dude's name, probably because I blocked out all memory of him.

I'll take Joe from Blues Clues anyday compared to him!

Jenn H said...

Hey ... you do what you've gotta do! It's about survival, mama! :) Here's to a good night's sleep!

Stacy said...

ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. That is too funny!