Friday, August 28, 2009

You're doing it wrong.

This is the pick up line at my sons' school. It is what is commonly known as a "circle drive." The procedure is simple -- you drive in and follow the curve. When you reach the front of the school, your kids hop in. You drive away.

How hard can it be?

Apparently agonizingly difficult for some parents. Parents who have no clue how to drive in, pick up kids and drive away. See the guy standing in the circle? Yeah... he does the whole arm wave thing at us as we drive up. Like, if he wasn't standing there, we'd all just sit dumbly in our cars and wonder how we'd ever reach our kids. I asked my boys the other day who he was... thinking maybe he's a teacher who volunteers to be "Traffic Control." They have no idea who he is. This makes me pretty sure he's actually from the school transportation office. Whether or not he was hired specifically to herd parents through a circle drive is unclear. I only know right about now, even I would like to have his job.

Regardless, each and every day since the first day of school... every time I drop off or pick up the kids I see the scene from "Mr. Mom" in my head. When Michael Keaton has to do the school drop off and fails miserably.

"You're doing it wrong."


Lindy said...

I don't get it either. Why do the schools, administrators, parents make this soooo freakin difficult.

You're so right. Literally, you drive up, kids hop in, you drive away - how hard people?

stacy said...

Rebecca, my mind went right to the Mr. Mom scene. The image of the one angry Mom who ends up swearing at Mr. Mom always makes me laugh.

I only wish the man in the picture had giant white Mickey Mouse gloves and a bright orange vest. Perhaps also a whistle to complete the look?

Did you ever see that Reno 911 episode when Officer Dangle gets tricked into auditioning for some program. He ends up doing a grape vine move while directing traffic with jazz hands. So funny!