Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things have been a bit crazy lately.

Adjusting to being out of "real world" work, trying to whip together something that resembles a home office and bracing for the kids' return to school (and a few of you know THAT ordeal...) has left me feeling beaten. Perhaps even left for dead. My adventure to the unemployment office alone left me with the impression I was about one tattoo and a skipped shower away from being declared "white trash."

Yesterday I experienced yet another lesson in swallowing one's pride. I discovered that with my recent lay-off, we are technically eligible for the free/reduced lunch program. You never really know how much you pass judgement on things like that until you are face to face with the application. Hopefully, I will land a job out of the seemingly million apps and resumes I've got out in limbo. BUT... for the time being, every little bit-o-help is ..., well, a great help.

I gave myself the pep talk during the drive to the school administration office. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Nothing wrong with accepting a little help when it's available. But then I remember not too long ago, certain people I encountered had a very different opinion of the free/reduced lunch program. From where they were sitting on a couple of extremely high horses, they looked down upon it as a tell-tale sign of worthlessness and disgust. As in, if you use this program, you might just as well throw in the towel because anything you have to offer the world isn't good enough. And you bring down everyone else -- drag them down and keep them from achieving all they can.

Well. That is not entirely true.

Of course, taking half a step into the administration office and being greeted BY NAME by an old acquaintance didn't help matters any, but you know what? This situation? It is what it is. And we are not some bunch of deadbeats who are trying to ride "the system" and get freebies because it's easier than actually working. Jeff and I work hard to provide for our family. And if the current economy stinks and we're experiencing a small hiccup in the scheme of things, well then... so be it. We're definitely not alone. And, as our entourage of family and close friends keep reminding us, things will get better.

Things. Will. Get. Better.


Lindy said...

Rebecca - you and Jeff are amazing people. You work hard, you love your kids and you have this outlook on life that just won't quit.

You are an inspiration to me and are such a good friend.

I would like the names of the people who deem themselves worthy enough to cast the first stone - I will kick. their. asses.

I'd also like to know where I can pick up this form you speak of...if I can deduct lawyer costs from our income, I'm golden.

Amy said...

It's amazing what we'll do to take care of our families. Mike is working at Target while he seeks something that fits what's written on his college degree. He's gone from thinking "I went to college for this?" to thinking "Great, another shift I can pick up. That should help pay the light bill."

And I know you are not in Indy, but apparently the Work One offices in Fishers and College Park are set up more to handle professionals (as opposed to hourly workers). Good luck!