Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jeff and James!

Photo taken 07.15.08 -- James, Jeff (a.k.a., "the birthday boys")

Dear Jeff--
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! :)

We have often joked about how last year's birthday played out. And the need for THIS year to make up for things. (Backstory: We had one day to pack up and move the entire contents of my house, and bring them to Jeff's. One day. On which it was about 150 degrees. And we discovered that morning I was pregnant. This was an unexpected discovery.)

I think back to the hectic pace of that hot day in July and wonder how we ever made it through. The photo of you and James that night at dinner speaks volumes. James seems relaxed and happy. You? I can see the effort you're making to appear festive.

Well, 365 days have passed, and this morning I saw happiness on your face. True happiness, joy and love as I wished you a happy birthday with a kiss, and as you sat on the bed watching Bobby sit up by himself for the first time. I am blessed not only by having you in my life as my best friend and love, but also watching you be a great father to the "yours/mine/ours" group we call our children. You are a wonderful example to the kids through action and words. The active role you play in their lives as a father, teacher and role model is one of the most endearing qualities I see in you. Days may come and go without them saying it, but I know each of them love you and respect you more than mere words can express.

As a husband, I couldn't ask for a more outstanding partner in life. Someone with whom I share so many similarities, yet someone who continually shares new things. We live, laugh and love together, and have formed a family that I couldn't be more proud of. Our first meeting -- "falling in love at a coffee shop," -- to our most romantic wedding on Captiva Island and the birth of our son... these memories and all the million others in between are framed with the image of you smiling at me with such true, honest love. I thank God each and every day for bringing our paths together; grateful for every minute we spend together. I look forward with genuine love and anticipation at spending the rest of our lives together. Neither of us know for sure what the future holds -- there will be ups and downs, good times and stressful times... but I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you and I will face everything together, with more love in our hearts than was there the day before. And there is nothing -- no person or event -- that will break the incredible bond you and I share. Ever. It just grows stronger and stronger each day.

You are the love of my life, Jeffrey, and I hope you have a very happy birthday.

Love, Rebecca


Lindy said...

This is awesome. Happy Birthday to the guys!

Jennifer Cameron said...

Wow! You make me look like a total slacker! James got a card with one sentence. I made sure it had a very small amount of space to write. LOL! I suck at the whole putting feelings into words thing.