Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's called a WHAT?!

As I'm sure you can imagine, having sons results in a wide variety of colorful discussions. (I won't go into the subject matter I've overheard being discussed when they aren't aware I'm close by. Oy vey.) Last night, as the only female in the company of all males, I learned a new word: Wenis. As a writer and self-proclaimed "word nerd," I love, love, LOVE learning new words. I have even been known to get side-tracked looking up a word in the dictionary and end up reading it for a half hour or so. Anyway, here's what happened...

Random subject: Elbows
Somehow we happened to be discussing elbows, and I asked Jack, Charlie and Sam if they remembered you can pinch your elbow skin as hard as you can and not feel it. (If you didn't know this, go ahead. Try it. I'll wait.) This, of course, prompted a giggling round of the "Pinch My Elbow" game. I have to admit -- it IS a really weird/funny phenomenon.

Jack: Mom, you know that elbow skin is called a "wenis."

Me: Oh, it is not.

Jack: Yeah it is!

Me: (getting irritated because all he wants to do is say a word that rhymes with "penis.") Jack that's enough!

Tyler: (looking up from his video game) Yep. It's called a "wenis."

Me: ?!?!?!

Jack: (giggling) Yeah,... and it rhymes with,... you know... the "down-down..." (gestures to the front of his shorts, giggling even more)

All boys break out in fits of laughter, shouting "Pinch my wenis! Pinch my wenis!" while I shoot Jeff a "please, please help me" look. All he can do is smile. The only one not affected by this brief trip into "boy humor" is sweet Bobby who is sleeping in his car seat.

Boys: 1
Mom: 0


Lindy said...

I love Bobby.

And I so pinched my wenis.

Amy said...

Yup. Your boys are right. But I thought it was spelled "weenus." Wonder if it's ever come up in the National Spelling Bee?