Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just... needed... a... break...

Last night, I had the rare occasion of being all by myself at home. Well, Bobby was with me, but when he's sleeping there's really little to no demand for my attention. I slumped into the pillows on the sofa, reveling in the fact that it was quiet. And we're talking "pin-drop" quiet -- no one running in or out the front door, no thump-thump-thump of kiddos running up and down the stairs, no extra noise anywhere.

I had originally thought I'd do my civic duty and watch President Obama's press conference on television. I even went as far as tuning in (albeit a smidge late) and tried to catch up to whatever he was talking about. And then it happened... my brain officially fried itself. Not that Obama was taxing my cognitive abilities -- I was just done with having to listen/comprehend anything. I needed something mindless. And funny. Funny would be good, too.

A few flips of the remote later, and I found back-to-back episodes of "Will & Grace." Ahhh. Perfection. I had been quite the HUGE W&G fan back in the day, and discovered how much I miss being entertained, especially by that particular cast. I love Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, but the combo of Megan Mullaly and Sean Hayes as Karen and Jack will reduce me to fits of hysterical laughter. And tear. Usually both.

As I sat there smirking, giggling and nearly laughing out loud throughout the show, I almost felt a little guilt that I wasn't tuning in to hear what our nation's leader had to say about the sucky economy among other things. But you know what? In the time of sucky economy and financial industry fat-cats with no conscience, maybe a little comedy isn't a bad thing. It makes us realize, Hey... times may be tough, but if we can still laugh, things can't be that bad, right? Laughter is free and makes us feel good.

And if you'd seen Jack McFarland dancing back-up for Jennifer Lopez last night, you'd know EXACTLY what I mean. :)

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Lindy said...

It's okay to admit that the President bored you to no-end!!! We fell asleep to him. :)