Friday, December 12, 2008

Retraction... Clarification...

I have had a request to clarify something in the last post. The one pertaining to "The Great Toilet Paper Roll Experiment."

So here's the thing. You know the part where I mentioned the new roll was squished into the dispenser? And that Jeff said he'd done it? I need to make it crystal clear to anyone who reads this that he did NOT do that out of laziness. Quite the contrary, in fact. His frustration with the situation made him wedge the roll in there, hoping the five oblivious ones would take the hint. Something like, "Hey, you all DO realize this roll of toilet paper goes HERE, right?"

I commend him on his efforts. :)

And, just for the record, let me just take a moment to say Jeff has done a FANTASTIC job on our kitchen cabinet project. He would kill me if I took and posted a photo of the project so far, since the doors are still a work in progress. The cabinets themselves are up, but the doors are giving him fits and remain in the garage. It's a stain issue. But I love his dedication and perfectionism, and I know everything will come together beautifully.

Better, Honey? :)

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