Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, hello. If you're reading this, you've made my day. This has been a long time coming, getting a website (or at least a blog) up and running. Who knew it could be so easy?!

This blog, "Back to Square One," was originally supposed to be about being a mom to three energetic young boys: Jack (9), Charlie (9) and Sam (6.5). Then, I got remarried, adding my new husband's two children, (Tyler (16) and Kate (14) to the mix. With five wonderful children, involved in a variety of activities, we thought, "Isn't life grand? Let's enjoy these great kids and their activites!" Then "the stick" turned up with a bright purple "+" and we found ourselves,... you guessed it,... right back at square one. Our son is due in mid-March 2009.

With the aforementioned five children, and one on the way, you can imagine our days are filled with a little bit of everything. I've discovered throughout my near decade of parenting, many chaotic moments and crises are handled well with a good sense of humor. Even if you don't realize it until later. Much later.

My hope is that family and friends -- new friends are always welcome, too! -- will enjoy reading these posts about our lives... as crazy as it all may be.

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